Thursday, September 24, 2009

What makes your rug loveable?

Every area rug made is someone. If we all had the same tastes life would be very bland. Many of us probably have that one area rug in our house that doesn't go with the decor, but we have to have it out.

What do you think when you are walking through someone house and you come across a rug that looks ugly to you? Before you stick your foot into your mouth, you may inquire if there is a story behind the rug.

We get a lot of hand hooked rugs in very interesting colours and patterns that are cherished. The clients mother, father or grand parent made the rug, so they want to preserve it.

It does baffle me a bit when we get multiple rugs from a client and there will be a few awesome hand knotted rugs and then there will be one machine made rug that does quite fit with the rest of the rugs. It could be that the colours or pattern is completely different or that it is a different fiber type.

The reason for this can be that they needed a rug for the back door and bought what they saw first that fit. It could be that they are still looking for the perfect rug, but needed one right away.

There are a lot of reasons why people own the rugs they do. I love the fact that I can ask them why they own the rugs they do and it isn't out of the ordinary. The stories that rugs tell are amazing. It usually happens that I am telling the client about the origins of their rugs more so than they telling me.

It does establish confidence in the client when I start telling them the type of rug they have and a bit if the history about it and they already know it. It shows that I know what I am talking about.

The best part of my job is letting people know that they have more than just a rug. They may have a prayer rug, or a Turkish kilim, or even a 19th century saddle bag.

Even though you may think you have just an area rug, there is more lurking under your toes than you may think.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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