Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Before you Spray Read On...

Miracle sprays, late night TV is full of them. You are mesmerized by the great results one little bottle can achieve.
But Wait!! There is more.
A Lot of those miracle spot removers advertised are for synthetic fiber rugs, not WOOL. Always check the label to see if it is safe for wool or has the wool symbol.

The leading OXYgen cleaner can do permanent damage to your wool rug. Yes it is a miracle fixer for your cotton clothes, not wool area rugs. The quick fix spot remover can lead to expensive repair costs.

This rug is a 9x12 foot Cream coloured British India (Indian Abusson) with a craved in design.

It had either cranberry juice or red wine spilled on it and now because of a miracle spray spot remover the rug has permanent yellow stains.

The spray did one of to things:
  1. Removed the red spot and dyed the wool yellow through oxidation or
  2. It bleached out the red spot to yellowish/brown spot.
Either way it was not the desired result by the owner.
They do have a few options:
  • Live with the yellow spots
  • Replace the rug
  • Or get the whole rug dyed a new colour.
If the spots were one the end only we could trim the rug back, but there are yellow stains in the middle of the rug too. We are still waiting for the client to decide what they want to do. Not an easy decision when the rug is this big and fits their decor.

This does give the home owner a chance to redecorate the whole room differently though. Yes it would be more to redecorate than find a similar rug, but sometimes a new look is good too.

PLEASE read the label of any spot removers or cleaners you may have. If it doesn't say it is safe for wool do not use it.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, Your Victoria BC wool rug cleaning expert!


  1. The client decided it as time to get a new area rug.

  2. Thanks for sharing the informative blog....i have one query can we use bleach on that particular area?