Friday, April 8, 2011

Evening Purse Became a Napkin

Cat vomit is NOT an Accessory!
No matter how much we love our cats, they don't seem to have the same appreciation for our things as we do.

This was the case for a small evening purse. It was the day after graduation for one lucky lady and when it came time to clean out the purse she found that the cat had left her a present. An unwanted present, but the cat didn't know that.

Evening purse before and after cleaning
The father of the graduate took it to their dry cleaners to see if they could clean it. Unfortunately it was not an item that dry cleaners will clean anymore.The materials used to make purses cannot handle getting cleaned by immersion.

The dry cleaners recommend that he bring it to us, Luv-A-Rug to see if we could clean it. We can clean handbags and purses because we can them by hand. Since there wasn't a lot of cat vomit on the purse, you may be wondering why would they pay to get it cleaned. Wouldn't it be easy to clean the spots themselves?

Sure they could have cleaned the purse themselves, but the bigger question is what would the results have been? The material of the evening purse has a silky/satiny finish and if you took a wet towel or paper towel to it you would be left with less cat vomit, but lots of white bits. The slight texture of the purse would grab the lint from the towel and that is hard to remove. Plus if they rubbed in a circular motion that will cause the texture to distort and that is permanent as well.

Yes do-it-yourself is cheaper, but not if you cannot use the item afterward. As ladies know evening purses are not cheap and can last many years, so why chance having to replace your purse because of a spill or cat vomit?

The cleaning cost to remove the cat vomit was very low compared to having to buy a new one and after cleaning it looks new again ready for the next big night out.

When something gets spilled on your purse or handbag, don't throw it out bring it to Luv-A-Rug on 445 Beta St, off Alpha St. We can clean the unclean-able items for you. 250-590-6210.

Here's to many more evenings out looking fabulous, RugloverMary-accessory lover

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