Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do You Send Thank You Cards?

An Appreciative Client

I don't know about you, but I am really bad about sending thank you cards and not just for the big things. In our technology driven  lives it is easy to over look the small things. When someone gives us great service we forget to let the person know some of the time.

I find it kinda sad that getting great, let alone good, service is an exception and not the norm. When we do find a person or business that gives great service we don't usually thank them for it. Since they give good service they should just know that we appreciate and then we tell our friends and family about it and that is it.

At Luv-A-Rug we do make people happy with our cleaning results all the time and our clients thank us for our good work and service, but some clients go beyond just telling us. This was waiting for us this morning at our office:

The story behind this thank you card is:

This rug was bought at an estate sale and the couple didn't get to see all of the rug before purchasing it. The rug had a musty smell to it from being rolled up in a basement. Luckily though there wasn't any new damage on it, just missing fibers from years past.

The new owners spent a couple of days literally beating the rug trying to get all the dust and dirt out of the rug. The rug was 8x10 wool rug, so trying to beat the rug was a huge job, especially since the wife is expecting their third child. They called Luv-A-Rug to find out about cleaning cost and what they could do to make their rug clean and fresh.

We discussed all their options:
  1. Have us do our deep cleaning
  2. Have us do our rugbadgering service only
  3. Have them rent our dry carpet cleaning system (Host Sponges)
Since it was hard for me to know exactly what kind of rug they had over the phone, it was not easy to give an exact price for cleaning or rugbadgering. They brought it to our office on Wilkinson Rd. and I identified it as a machine made Belgium wool rug.

They had decided to get us to badger the rug and then they would use the dry carpet cleaning Host sponges to freshen it up. Partly because of the cost and partly because they wanted it in a few days due to the soon to arrive baby.

The wife came and picked up the rug and I had some good news for her. Shane, our rug cleaners, had given her rug an initial cleaning. He didn't see that it was for badgering only until after he had started cleaning it. She was very happy that her rug got an accidental cleaning.

Her rug really needed to be professionally cleaned anyway. With a good cleaning it is healthier, brighter and softer for her family. She thanked us for our accident and said she was going to recommend us to any one who needed area rug cleaning. It was very nice to receive the thank you card from the family, especially since her little ones helped decorate it.

A card is a small piece of paper, but it delivers a lot of happiness. We all need to celebrate the little things in life and let people know that we appreciate what they do because we only this small window of life to do everything we can. All it takes to brighten someone's day is a smile, a thank you, or a small card.

So thank you for all the small things you do, RugloverMary and thanks for reading my blog.

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