Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pets+Pepper+Rugs=Happy Home

A good way to deter pets from having accidents on your precious rugs

You finally found the perfect area rug, it is everything you needed for your home. You proudly take your rug home and put it in place. As you are sitting there chatting with your mom about what a great area rug you found, cute adorable Rover walks over to the rug and lifts his leg.

You are in shock at what you just saw happen.  You jump up and quickly clean up the accident.

It can happen to the best trained pet. When they discover a new item in their house, they have to mark it as theirs. If this went unnoticed your pet could start using your precious rug as a bathroom, thus possibly ruining your rug and your floor underneath.

Thankfully, there is a way deter pets from your rug as soon as you put it on the floor and that is Pepper.

I know sounds a bit weird, but after your pet sniffs the pepper they will avoid that area. You don't need to use a lot, nor do you usually need to put it all over the rug. Sprinkling it just around the edges usually works. One application of pepper should be enough to keep pets away from the rug.

As long as the pepper doesn't get wet it won't stain your rug and it is easily vacuumed up. Pepper can also be sprinkled any where you need to deter pets. 

For your cats favorite chair to scratch, take some clear packing tape, make a loop with the tape with the sticky side facing out, stick the tape to the area they scratch at and sprinkle pepper to the side facing out. 

In rare cases your pet may not be detracted by the pepper, but it isn't very often that this would happen. Pepper doesn't feel very nice when it is inhaled. 

When using pepper, either white or black, make sure the area is kept dry, so that no staining occurs and vacuum it up after a couple of days so it doesn't attract other unwanted pests.

If you have other methods of keeping pets from bad behavior please share them. It is a common problem that may pet owners are faced with. It is frustrating when our precious items get destroyed by our beloved pets. Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated.

If you do discover that your rug has been used as an indoor bathroom, Luv-A-Rug has clean, safe and effective ways of removing pet urine and odour from most area rugs. Bring your rug to 445 Beta St, off

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your Victoria and Vancouver Island BC Canada,  rug cleaning expert! 

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  1. I just received another great use for Cayenne Pepper.

    If you are raising chickens and they stop laying eggs, if you mix 3 table spoons of cayenne per 50 lbs of feed it makes the chickens lay again.

    Our client doesn't know why it works, but he added that if you want a Spanish egg it would already be seasoned!

    Ah, the humour that makes us smile.