Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Area Rug is too small

Luv-A-Rug cleaners in Victoria  has another small area rug for cleaning and repair.
It is a bit larger than our last small rug from Yugoslavia, that little rug was 8"by 15".
This Pakistan woven bokhara (bo-car-ah) area rug and it is 12" by 12".

The ends are fraying which can often happen with bokhara rug.

Sometimes when they hand weave Pakistan rugs they do a few per loom and cut them apart. This leaves the sides of the rug raw, for lack of the a better word, and then they wrap around the edging.

The downside of that is the cut edge isn't strong enough to support the wrapped fiber and it eventually pulls away from the rug, exposing the raw cut edge.

We can fix the side pulling away in three ways:

We can cut it off and do a machine overcast stitch, which is like the edge already on the rug only done in a synthetic fiber.

We can also do a binding as well.

Which edging you choose depends on the rug and your investment budget for the rug.

And thirdly we can do a hand repair. Which is what we did one this little rug.

We recommended a hand repair on this rug because the machine repair would have stood out too much.

The overcasting stitch would have been too thick for such a small rug to blend in and not scream 'Hey look I was repaired'.

The client was very happy with the way the rug looks after repair.

He bought the Bokhara rug in England and was intrigued by the writing in the red strip. He thought it said something about the rug or the weaver or something inspirational.

He was told that it says: "Made of the Finest Quality for Western Market."

Makes you wonder what other fascinating messages are written on area rugs and if the Chinese and Japanese symbols people get tattooed really say what we are told they mean.

Knowing what the rug said only made it more special and now with it repaired it will last for many more years.

If your rugs are in need of repairs bring them in to Luv-A-Rug at 445 Beta St, off Alpha St. We will give you your options for repairs along with a quote. We can do a machine repair or authentic hand repairs. Here are a few of the rugs we have repaired.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local Victoria BC, area rug cleaning and repair expert

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