Thursday, April 8, 2010

Improper Cleaning =Bad Results rug cleaning in Victoria BC

I am going to shock you by a little known fact:

Very few Carpet Cleaners are certified to safely clean wool, be it area rugs, wall to wall carpet or furniture.

To be a certified "Wool Safe" company you need to take the Wool Safe Course and be certified by the Wool Safe standards.

I did a search on the Wool safe website and there are only 3 companies in Victoria who are certified Wool Safe. Luv-A-Rug is one of the 3 and we are Victoria's only area rug specialists.

Our rug cleaners are trained to care for wool properly, that is part of what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us the Wool experts.

It is also part of why we may charge more for cleaning than everyone else. We go beyond just a quick steam clean, we go to the bottom of the fibers to get out the deep embedded dirt.

Last week a lady called and told me the sad story of her Belgium area rug. She got it cleaned by a reputable carpet cleaning company and it came back pink. It wasn't checked for dye stability.

She brought the rug to us and we are going to see what results we can achieve to remove the colour bleed. It will be a slow process, but we are hopeful.

Chemistry time: the red dye molecule is the largest of all the colours. That is why it fades faster than other colours and bleeds easier.

So for all of us ladies who have dyed our hair red and weren't happy when it faded so fast, that is why. Guys if you have ever wanted to repaint your vehicle red and couldn't figure out why red costs more than the other colours that is why.

I will keep you updated as to the progress of this rug in the next few weeks.

When you are researching carpet and rug cleaners, ask about their training and certification. You paid a lot for your rug always trust it to the professionals.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local WoolSafe rug cleaning company in Victoria BC.

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