Thursday, December 10, 2009

William Morris.................possible relative?

I read a blog by The Textile Blog about a gentleman named William Morris from England. This particular post is about a woodpecker tapestry, but they had written a lot about William Morris. Since they written many blogs on this guy I decided to dig deeper too find out what was so great about him.

At the bottom of every post it gives you extra links to previous blogs about the same topic. That is how I began my journey to get to know William Morris.

I then did a Google search to find out about the person, since The Textile Blog did such a great job in highlighting the designer, William.

All the bio's I found about William concentrated on his life more so than him being a textile designer, which was great.

William Morris was born into a wealthy, privileged family, but he hated money and what it did to people. He spent his adult life fighting for Socialism. When he couldn't find the right guy to back in this cause he started his own Socialist Party.

He was an accomplished poet and writer. He turned down the position of the Poet Laureateship because it meant being a member of the Royal family-which stood for everything he did not.

While I read about his life of politics and writing I had a hard time figuring out when he made time to design his textiles. No matter what style was in fashion at the time he kept his designs about nature.

I can identify a bit with William. My last name is also Morris, I don't like how money buys privilege, how there are different classes of people, and have a dream of a type of Socialist govern world. I am a poet and writer as well.
Here is the bio on William Morris that I found the most informative

I very much enjoy learning about other people's lives and about history. That is why I love learning about area rugs as well.

Hopefully this inspires you to dig a bit deeper into the area rug world.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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