Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Area Rug Hooking

I remember my neighbour hooking little rugs as a hobby when we were teenagers. I, on the other hand, crocheted and collected rocks, still do both today. I was under the impression that rug hooking had weened off in popularity, boy was I wrong.

My boss suggested I look up rug hooking in Nova Scotia, Canada because I was going there on vacation.
With a bit of searching I found a rug hooking shop near to where I was going be visiting in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Deanne Fitzpatrick is very talented and has amazing hooked rugs for sale. I did not get to visit Deanne when I was in Nova Scotia. I couldn't find the shop because I was looking for it on Church St, but I see that it is on Electric St. Next time I visit Nova Scotia I will certainly go visit her shop. Her video's on youtube make me want to run out and get all the supplies to start hooking rugs. I never thought of taking up rug hooking, don't know why. I do cross stitching and crocheting it is those two put together.

At Luv-A-Rug cleaners, here in Victoria BC we get a few hooked rugs that the clients husband or grandfather did. A lot of men took up rug hooking after the war. The largest hand hooked rug we have cleaned was 7 feet by 9 feet. It took someone a long time to hook that. We see more of the hooked rugs that have a cut pile more so than the looped style
Another thing I was not aware of are the rug hooking shows. Here is a blog about one in Archbold, Ohio.
With all that I have read and seen on rug hooking I am inspired to go try it. If I don't like it at least I can say that I tried it.We should all try a new hobby once in awhile.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local Victoria and Vancouver Island BC rug cleaner and rug lover!

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