Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tea and Carpets Rug Blog

I have made it known that I have a pretty healthy passion for area rugs and the history of how they became what they are. I subscribe to a blog called Tea and Carpets This is a blog written by an American journalist, Charles Reckmagel, who lives in Prague and caught the area rug bug.
He recently posted a blog about the history of when Persian area rugs started to change from a geometric design to the floral motif design. I found this very interesting. I thought that Persian rugs always had that look to them. It never occurred tome that they would have changed the pattern used in their rugs. I know how naive of me to think that, but when you don't have all the knowledge you make use of the little bit you have.
It is also thanks to Charles that I stumbled across and fascinating movie called Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life released in 1925. It is about the nomadic Bakhtiari tribe's journey to summer's pastures. I have not watched it yet, but it sounds amazing. Three Americans following a way of life that pretty much doesn't exist anymore.
I love reading other people's blogs about area rugs. It gives me better information for our clients and since I love learning about history sites like Tea and Carpets is perfect for me. Thanks Charles for sharing your knowledge with the world.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary


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