Friday, June 26, 2009

Qashqai, Gashgay, Kashkay, Qasqa'i?? Rugs

Qashqai area rugs: There are many different spellings for this type of hand knotted wool rug. I found out a little bit about these unique rugs. They have been making Qashqai rugs since before the 16th century or 13th or 19th depending on what website you believe. I love finding conflicting information about a subject. Everyone seems right until you read another website, then no one seems right.

These rugs are very well made by what was a nomadic tribe of Iran. After many wars and many years the nomadic tribe has settled mostly in the vicinity of Shiraz. The Qashqai tribe is possibly one of the largest and most prosperous tribes of Iran. The rugs they weave are geometric in design and the weavers use bright vibrant colours.

Instead of me regurgitating what others have already written about Qashqai area rugs, I will send you to one of Barry O'Connell's sites. His pages will give you more information then you will know what to do with.
The rug in the picture came to us a couple of weeks ago. It has had a colourful life I am sure. There a couple of previous repairs.

Whomever did the repair did a pretty good job at finding a matching donor rug. It can never be prefect when using another rug to repair a hole. It blends enough that you don't notice it right away. On the back it is much more noticeable, but that is the back.

When we do our visual inspections with the clients I also let them know that sometime the stains or spots may remain on the back of their rugs. About ninety five percent say that it is the back of the rug and they never look there.

When doing rug repairs that involves using another rug it has to be understood that it will be noticeable. The other option for fixing a hole is to hand weave it. Expensive, yes, but it keeps the look of the rug uniform.

It all comes down to sentimental value and how much you want to invest in the rug. Never let your first thought be that the rug is not worth it, that it is too far gone to get fixed.

We have done some great repairs over the years here at Luv-a-rug cleaners in Victoria BC. Let us give you our professional opinion before it becomes part of our landfills. Luv-A-Rug 250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802, 445 Beta St (off Alpha St) Victoria BC.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local Victoria BC, Sooke to Sidney rug cleaning expert!

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