Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rugs that speak softly

This rug came in on Wed June 10. It is from the same lady that brought us three very precious rugs two weeks ago. This rug has a story that it is reluctant to share. Why is it asymmetrical? Did the previous owner use it as a wall hanging? Was it originally made to be used as a wall hanging, a cushion or something else?
I posted the pictures on the Rug Hub to get some input from the experts. This is what I found out...this is not a rug, but a late 19th century saddlebag. That is why it is asymmetrical and had an turned over edge.

What I am about to write will shock many rug lovers and experts. The client wanted to make it symmetrical and well.......we did. She wanted to be able to use it as a rug. When I found out it was a 19th century saddlebag it was already in our binding guys hands.
The client picked up her newly cleaned and repaired saddlebag and she was very happy with the way it looks. She was appreciative of the history
I could find out about it and now it is even more special to her.
I can almost hear the gasps of rug experts across the land. Even with the knowledge of it being a very aged saddlebag she didn't regret her decision to trim it even and bind three side of the rug. I could say more about this, but it all sounds preachy in my head. This is where I will leave it.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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