Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rug Education not A Cleaners Excuse

The great thing about being part of the area rug cleaning world wide community is that we support one another, give advice when asked and link each other to other great rug people. My boss, Dusty Roberts sent me an e-mail to check out another rug blog by Lisa Wagner titled The Rug Chick Blog. Lisa is very respected in the rug world. Here is a little bio on Lisa.

I really enjoyed her blog about white knots or as she calls them rug freckles. They are in every hand knotted area rug and may not be noticed until the rug is cleaned. Dirt hides a lot of secrets sometimes. The only secret I have come to know on hiding white knots is to colour them with a marker. It isn't permanent or sometime practical, but for those few people that are bothered by them it is a temporary solution.

In my two years at Luv-A-Rug I haven't found too many people who cared much about the white knots showing. On this particular British Indian/Aubusson rug there is a pretty big knot that has worn through. The cotton cord used to weave the rug is thick. Thicker than what is used on other types of hand knotted rugs due to the weigh of this 8x10 British Indian rug. This is the largest white knot I have seen. I tried to figure out how it happened, but since I don't everything about rug weaving as such, it is a bit of a mystery. It is interesting nevertheless.

When I do my visual inspection here at my rug cleaning studio in Victoria BC, I point out the white knots and explain that they will be more visible after cleaning because to quote Lisa,"When you point things out BEFORE cleaning is it EDUCATION … when you point it out AFTER the cleaning it is an EXCUSE!"

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, Your Victoria BC, Canada rug cleaner!

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