Saturday, May 9, 2009

French Wool Tapestry

It is always nice when we get something very special to clean. This wool tapestry is a perfect example of this. The lady wasn't sure of the year this event happened, but this was a gift given to her brother many years ago. He lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada and he meet a couple from France who were there on vacation.

Her brother was bi-lingual so he volunteered to be their tour guide. The couple had a very good time and when they got back home they sent this beautiful tapestry to him as a thank you. The lady inherited it from her brother. It is very special to the family.
What a nice gesture and gift. I do not know if he kept in touch with the couple or not. I would want to think so if only to exchange Christmas cards.I find it very simplistic in design, but not plain. It definitely tells a story.

The back shows the way a tapestry is woven. The red spots are actually yellow on the front. The threads stay on the back until needed on the front design. This also shows that improper knowledge about how rugs and tapestries are woven could lead to a bad cleaning. If you just wet this tapestry the red or blue could bleed through to the front and then you be fried. A priceless family treasure ruined and can not be replaced. Please make sure that you know how to clean items properly and if you don't find someone who does. Just a bit of advice!!
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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