Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Evils of Tufted Rugs

When you go out to buy a rug these days, you have lots of choices.

Which comes with quite a range in pricing.

That means you are going to come across really well made rugs.

And rugs that are made cheaply.

Of all the cheaply made rugs the one to watch out for is the "tufted rug".


Well because of how the rug has been manufactured.

Basically a tufted rug is one that has rug fibres glued to a backing.

Yes glued. Not woven. Not hand knotted. Glued.

Now there are some advantages to making a tufted rug.

They are fast and easy to manufacture.

They can easily be made with the latest design trends.

So finding one that matches your décor can be easy.

But tufted rugs have a dark side.

Because of the way they are manufactured they do not last very long.

Like 5 - 10 years at the most.


Well because of the fact they are pieces of fibres glued to a fabric backing.

The glue only last for a few years before it breaks down.

Not only that - the glue some companies use are NOTORIOUS for having a bad odour.

An odour that never seems to leave.

An odour that has been described by people as a combination of burnt rubber and dirty sweaty socks.

You would think you could wash that odour out right?

Unfortunately, rugs that smell bad to begin with tend to be worse after being cleaned.

It has to do with the glue and filler they use.

(Filler is whatever they put in the glue to make it go farther - everything from water to marble dust to who knows what!)

Speaking of getting cleaned, tufted rugs need to cared for in a special way.

And many times they can never be thoroughly cleaned at all.


Because if the glue has begun to break down any kind of washing will pull the fibers right off the backing.

Leaving you with a "holes" in your rug.

So if you have kids, animals, or teenagers who tend to be slobs a tufted rug is going to be a problem.

Unless it is fairly new, any kind of messy sticky food or pet stains may never be thoroughly removed.

Other problem these rugs run into are...
  • Delamination (where the glue separates from the rug)

  • Backing discolouration
  • Colour bleeding

How can you tell a tufted rug from all other kinds of rugs?


If the back of the rug is piece of fabric and you cannot see the same pattern on the back as you do on the front...

...that's a tufted rug.

A rug that's made of fibres glued to a fabric backing.

If you happen to own one of these bad boys never have them cleaned in your home. 

Even though you may not see any warning signs in the rug itself, you run the risk of potential damage to your floors (yellowing, dye transfer, latex powder residue) or a damaged rug if it gets cleaned by a ordinary carpet cleaner.

Instead bring it to a professional rug cleaner like Luv-A-Rug.

  • They know exactly what can go wrong with tufted rugs.
  • They know what potential hazards to look out for and how to handle them.
  • They know the exact cleaning procedures to use for your particular rug.
  • They also know what you can expect for results depending how well your rug is holding up.

Now here's the thing.

You may have a tufted rug.

It may be the perfect piece for your décor.

It also may be irreplaceable because you decorated around it.

The people at Luv-a-Rug understand that.

And will do everything in their power to make your tufted rug look as new as possible.

No matter how fragile it's become.

That's why real master rug cleaners like you find at Luv-A-Rug is your only choice for tufted rugs.

They have the training, knowledge and expertise to handle them so you never have to worry about losing an important piece of your decor.

And of course...Luv-A-Rug are also Masters at caring for every other kinds of rugs - especially ones worth tens of thousands of dollars or more.


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