Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Stupendous Shag Area Rugs

The stupendous shag! 

Ok so you know in the 70’s "shag" was the word.

Long wool fibers high pile and that had become woven into wall to wall carpet.


Post 60’s brought the wave of psychedelia: orange, pink, green.

Avocado and harvest gold were so incredibly popular there was a “revolution” in terms of the creation of new piles and textures.

There were highly creative shags which mirrored the people’s excitement about change during that era.

“Consumers liked anything hip and new.”

Tastes in decor were changing as consumers’ and reflected everywhere including tv shows like The Brady Bunch.

Shag became all the rage.

But once it made into virtually every home every home, the truth was discovered...
...shag rugs became the perfect bottomless pit of trapped dirt.

The dirt embedded itself deep into the rug and became nearly impossible to get out with standard carpet cleaning.

That reign of Shag rugs came to an abrupt end and was destined to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Until recently that is.

When three decades later Shag rugs have made a bit of a comeback as throw rugs and not wall to wall carpet.

If you have bought one of these new popular shags at a Costco or other store, the new woven kind can now be cleaned from the front, the back and deep down at the base of the rug.

The ones that have been constructed using glue (if you cannot see the rug pattern on the back of the rug - the rug fibers have been glued to the backing) need to be carefully cleaned.

No matter how your new shag area rug has been constructed, Luv-A-Rug has the equipment to totally eliminate ALL the dirt that gets trapped in there and make it feel soft and fluffy again.

Visit them at 445 Beta Street Victoria BC. 250-590-6210 


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