Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another example of Pile reversal in rugs.

It is easy to forget to rotate your area rugs on a regular basis, and because of that you only see your rug in a certain way. After the rug is cleaned and you lay it down the rug can still look dirty. It isn't the cleaning process it is the way the light is reflecting off your rug. If you laid it down the opposite way it as before cleaning you may notice pile reversal.

Here is very distinct pile reversal on a wool Chinese runner.

When you bring your rug in for cleaning to our  Luv-A-Rug, rug cleaning studio in Victoria BC, we let you know about any pile reversal your rug may have before we clean it. Pile reversal is noticeable before cleaning unless your rug is more dirt than rug, which we can take care of too.

Pile reversal is mostly caused by the way you walk over the rug. Every time you step on the rug the fibers twist and turn and after time the fibers can change to the opposite direction they were woven. This can happen on a synthetic or a wool rug and is permanent. The best way to slow it down and make it less noticeable is to rotate you rug ever few months. Flipping the rug 180 degrees allows for even wear patterns on your rug.

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