Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wool Gabbeh Rug

I love Gabbeh area rugs they are my absolute favorite rugs.

I love the whimsical, random, primitive figures and the bright vibrant colours used in these rugs.

Most Gabbeh rugs are wool pile on a cotton foundation, with a multi-coloured side wrap and randomly put figures. They are thick, plush, inviting rugs to walk upon.

The Gabbeh rugs I have seen lately have a symmetrical design of the primitive figures, not my preferred look. On this Gabbeh, you can see dark and light stripes in the orange area. That is a trait of a Gabbeh. It is called Abrash.

Abrash is caused by the wool being dyed in different batches and fading at a different rate. Very natural occurrence and usually a desired one on most hand knotted area rugs.

This is the Gabbeh that we received today for cleaning. The striping is very evident even though it is a off white/beige colour.

Again the pattern is symmetrical in lines, but the figures are random in the order they placed. The unique thing about this Gabbeh is that the foundation is wool. You can tell by the fact that the fringes are wool and not cotton.

Not a common feature of most Gabbeh area rugs.

You will notice that every two rows of figures are a lined and then the next two rows shift slightly. Just another way this Gabbeh rug is distinctive.

When was the last time you really looked at the pattern on your area rug?

Most people it is when they have it cleaned. If you don't get you area rug cleaned on a regular basis, once every year or two, then you may be missing out on what makes your area rug special.

Remember your area rug is more than just a floor covering, it is a work of art. There is beauty every where no matter if your area rug is hand knotted or an inexpensive department store rug.

Here is a closeup of the back of the rug and the fringes.

The red that you see is the weft, the piece of wool or cotton that is in between the row of knots. If this rug gets flooded or improperly cleaned the red can bleed through to the front of the rug, not good.

There are many little things that have to be considered when cleaning an area rug. That is why you shouldn't let just anyone clean your rugs.

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