Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summertime rug cleaning

The month is ending on a mixed note. We have one day where we get lots of rugs dropped off for cleaning and a few are picked up. The next day lots will get picked up and hardly any will come in. Some day we will have a balanced day, someday. Depending on the Saturday we can have a good mix of drop offs and pick ups, but with the summertime it seems to be one or the other.

August was a busier month than July, but September is busier than August.

September is busy because vacations are over, the company has gone home, and the summertime running in and out is dwindling down. Area rugs collect a lot of loose dirt, sand and debris over the busy summer months. With the seasons soon changing many people swap their area rugs. They have summer rugs and winter rugs, just like your wardrobe and they get their summer rugs cleaned before storing.
Always get your area rugs cleaned before storing!

I have written a few blogs about that topic.
Moths and other critters have no problem making your rug home for a few months/years.

Clean rugs lack the necessary nutrients moths need to survive. Getting your rugs cleaned adds to the health of your homes environment. With the temperatures going lower we are keeping our windows and doors closed more. Removing the dust/dirt/debris from your rug makes the indoor air better.
Here's saying goodbye to a great summer and looking forward to a wonderful autumn.

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