Friday, August 21, 2009

How to turn summertime blues into clean rugs

In the summer months business can drop off a bit. With people on vacation there is little thinking about getting their area rugs cleaned. What can you do to help ease the summertime blues?

While you are listening to the song 'Summertime Blues' you can go through your past cleaning orders and select people to contact.

Go back a year or two or even as little as six months and send them a postcard with a reminder that their rug needs to be cleaned again.

You could even include a 5-10% off coupon for scotch guard, rug under pad, if you carry it, or any other service you provide.

Also give the postcard an expiry date that is clearly visible. The expiry can be two weeks or thirty days. Anything longer and it could get forgotten.

It is a good idea to not print the expiry date on the card but stamp or hand write it in, that way you can print off a large amount and use them throughout the year.

The postcard doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. There are tools in Microsoft Office or Word that have templates you can use. Once you have designed it your local Copy and Print Center can print them up for you.

You can also print out the cards yourself, that way you can personalize them by letting the client know when the last time they had a particular rug cleaned. Many people may not remember the last time their area rug was cleaned.

In October, you could send out postcards reminding people that with the holidays fast approaching their area rugs need to get freshened up for company. If you offer scotch guard like finish give it a 3-6 month warranty that within that time frame they can bring it in for a free of 1/2 priced cleaning. That way the client can take care of any spills or messes that my have occurred over the holiday season.

By sending previous clients a reminder it lets them know that you care about the health of their rug. It is also a good way to let clients know if you added a new service.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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