Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New fringes give Rug a face lift

Have you ever wondered why area rugs have fringes? When rugs are hand knotted the fringes are the fibers, cotton, wool, or jute, in which the area rug is woven around, the weft fibers. They are necessary on a hand knotted rug to keep it together. On a machine made area rug fringes are there for decoration. They are sewn onto the rug after it has been made. Machine made rugs came into existence to be a cheaper version of the hand knotted rugs. They copied the designs and colours of the more expensive rugs, so fringes were added to give the machine rug a more authentic look.
I am not a big fan of fringes, especially on machine made rugs. The fringes are not necessary to the construction of the rug and they wear out and get stained very easily. Many of Luv-A-Rug's clients like the fringes on their area rugs, machine or hand knotted possibly because we are programmed with that is how a rug is supposed to look. Fair enough. We let our clients know that if they ever want to replace or remove the fringes the option is there.
A lovely lady brought in her two beloved rugs for cleaning, one oval and one rectangle and on the rectangle rug she wanted new fringes put on. She had us replace the fringes on the oval rug two years ago.
This is a tufted rug bought many years ago because it was a limited edition pattern. She had the fringes replaced once before, but she never liked that they were white fringes on her golden rug. The fringes were showing sign of use and were starting to pull away from the rug. Upon closer inspection of the rug, I found out why the fringes were coming off. Whoever replaced the fringes cut back the old ones and glued the new ones on. Not the best way to replace fringes.
When Luv-a-Rug replaces fringes we cut off the old ones and bind the ends and then sew the new fringes into the binding.
We replaced the white twisted fringes with a single knot golden fringe which looks a lot better. She was very happy at how her rug looked with the new fringes. It isn't very often that we would add fringes to a tufted rug, but we can if that is what is desired. This job is a great example that any rug can be a treasured item and therefore is worth the extra money to make it look its best. Removing or replacing old worn fringes brings new life to your rug and your love for it. Area rugs are more than just dirt collectors. They enhance the beauty of your home and with a little face lift will continue to do so for many more years.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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